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Specialty Closures Overview
Saint-Gobain... on top of the world’s most demanding closure needs...
Saint-Gobain high-performance barrier and packaging solutions protect critical samples in cell culture, chromatography, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, medical device, environmental and chemical packaging applications.

LabPure® closures are made from ultra-pure materials to ensure maximum protection. Saint-Gobain is your closure expert, with thousands of available standard and specialty options. The following chart represents some of our most popular closure assemblies, including septa liners and caps, for the Life Science Markets. We also have a variety of high-quality stoppers for research applications.

See the Closure Configuration Station to build effective, application-specific closure systems.

Cap AssembliesCap Assemblies

Saint-Gobain has in-house capability to produce thousands of cap assembly options on our high-speed, fully automated lining equipment. Each assembled cap and liner is 100% inspected in line for both functional and cosmetic defects. We are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 certified manufacturing facility.

We line caps ranging in size from 8mm-89mm, or can match any drawings and manufacturing specifications with our custom tooling. All tooling—such as dies for liner...

Cap and Vial Assemblies for ChromatographyCap and Vial Assemblies for Chromatography

Saint-Gobain rubber and silicone stoppers provide a secure seal to ensure container contents remain pure.


Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of polypropylene caps, aluminum caps, steel magnetic caps and phenolic caps to meet your closure needs. The caps range in size from 8mm-screw and crimp caps to 89 mm screw caps, in both open- and closed-top styles. Caps can be sold separately or sold in complete assemblies with septa liners.

A range of colors is available for our 8mm and 9mm size caps. Most other sizes are available in either white or black– or a custom color can be supplied.



Liners are used in various Life Science segments, particularly in applications where low extractables and seal integrity are needed for container closures such as environmental testing and chromatography testing.

We offer a wide range of thicknesses, colors and face materials for liners and septa. Unlike our competitors, we are the producer of PTFE film, which allows us complete control of the material quality and characteristics. All liners/septa are measured continuously during manufacture....

Injection Port SeptaInjection Port Septa

• Stable in high temperatures
• Low bleed for purity
• Sustain multiple injections; excellent resealability

Saint-Gobain injection port septa are specifically formulated, molded and cured to reduce volatiles and meet strict purity standards for the gas chromatography market. Each septa is made from ultra-low bleed silicone for purity and increased throughput and accuracy. Septa are resistant to high temperatures and have excellent resealability properties. They are available in...


High-quality, chemical-resistant Labpure® laminates are used in a variety of demanding applications including sample vials for chemical analysis such as gas and liquid chromatography, pharmaceutical & consumer packaging, containers for high-purity chemicals and sample retention for sample monitoring and EPA analysis. Our laminates are produced in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 certified facility, and can be manufactured as a tape, liner or in a lined cap. We oversee the quality of every...


Saint-Gobain rubber and silicone stoppers provide a secure seal to ensure container contents remain pure.

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