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Fluoropolymer Labware Overview
Saint-Gobain fluoropolymer labware products provide chemically inert, non-stick solutions for laboratory use.

Labpure FEP Bags and Fluid Transfer AssembliesLabpure FEP Bags and Fluid Transfer Assemblies

LabPure® High Purity Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) bags offer critical properties for a variety of research and industrial applications that require chemical and temperature resistance.


• Can be heated to 550°F (288°C) and used in a microwave
• Chemically resistant to acids and bases
• Ultra-pure

Chemware® PTFE beakers are non-contaminating and completely inert to highly corrosive reagents. They are non-wettable, unbreakable, lightweight, and heat resistant. Easy to clean, these beakers have a broad spout for easy pouring. They can be heated on a hot plate up to 550°F (288°C), when proper care is exercised. The specially molded bottom allows rapid heat transfer....

Boiling Stones, PTFE Balls and Raschig RingsBoiling Stones, PTFE Balls and Raschig Rings

• Chemical resistant
• Ideal for boiling organic liquids
• Minimizes superheating

Ultra-pure, virgin PTFE chips promote gentle, efficient boiling and help prevent overheating–even of highly volatile liquids. Stones minimize “bumping” during reflux and distillation. The boiling stones are not affected by acids, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols or alkalis. They are easily cleaned and non-contaminating. Shows no trace of face acidity or alkalinity. They will not scratch or abrade...

Chemware® PFA Graduated CylindersChemware® PFA Graduated Cylinders

• Easy-to-read graduations
• Smooth pouring, drip-free spout
• Broad base for stability

These graduated cylinders offer all the advantages of non-stick inert fluoropolymers. PFA is temperature resistant from -320°F (-196°C) to 500°F (260°C) and has the lowest metal ion content. As a result, Chemware® cylinders are excellent for trace metal analysis.

Chemware® PFA Graduated Erlenmeyer FlasksChemware® PFA Graduated Erlenmeyer Flasks

• Chemically inert for ultra-pure applications
• Graduated
• Transparent for easy viewing
• Non-stick PFA surface–easy to clean
• Can be used in a microwave

Chemware® PFA graduated Erlenmeyer flasks are chemically inert for ultra-pure applications. The neck of each flask is slightly rounded for pouring and can be plugged with a stopper. The conical shape and neck design allow contents to be mixed or stirred with reduced risk of splashing. The narrow neck also helps limit...

Evaporating DishesEvaporating Dishes

• Chemically inert
• Ideal for trace metal analysis
• Transparent for easy viewing
• Perfect for microwave use
• Smooth, non-stick surface

The Chemware® PFA Evaporating Dish design promotes evaporation of excess fluids to produce a concentrated solution or solid precipitate. The flat bottom provides good surface contact with a heat source, while the non-stick angled walls direct fluids to the base, which limits condensation on the dish wall. This PFA dish can be used in...

Chemfluor® PTFE Fluoropolymer FilmChemfluor® PTFE Fluoropolymer Film

• Temperature and corrosion resistant
• Non-stick surface
• Non-porous and non-absorbent

This premium-grade reusable and easy-to-clean film is made from virgin PTFE. The non-stick surface, temperature, and corrosion resistance features make Chemfluor® Film an ideal lining or covering for shelves, drawers, tables, trays, drain boards, and sinks. The film will not stain or retain odors, flavors or other contaminants. Cut to size and use as weighing sheets.

Forceps and TongsForceps and Tongs

• Opposing grip handle for easy operation
• Coated tension screw will not corrode
• Contoured jaw enables handling of crucibles and other objects
• Tapered tips for enhanced grip; rounded for safety
• Use for handling chemically active materials

The stainless steel tongs are covered with extra-heavy, non-stick PTFE coating for use in demanding laboratory environments. Made of nickel-plated stainless steel and fluoropolymer coating that eliminates surface build-up and loss...

Chemware® PFA FunnelChemware® PFA Funnel

• Non-contaminating
• Inert
• Non-stick surface reduces residual material left in funnel

The Chemware® funnel is used for ultra-pure liquid transfer in biotechnology applications, environmental analysis, semiconductor and electronic labs. The top cone has a high side was to limit splashing, while the narrow step fits into a range of containers. The low surface energy of PFA facilitates fast, complete drainage and easy clean up.

Chemware® PTFE Laboratory MattingChemware® PTFE Laboratory Matting

• Corrosion resistant
• Non-wettable
• Chemically inert

Chemware® PTFE Laboratory Matting resists stains and adhesion of a wide range of materials and it is easy to clean. It can be used on benches, sinks, drain boards and shelves to reduce breakage of glassware. The laboratory matting has a diamond-shaped PTFE mesh and is 1/16? (1.6mm) thick with 1/4? (6.35cm) openings. Useful as a mesh bag for dipping parts in corrosive chemicals and solvents, it is also excellent...

Narrow and Wide Mouth BottlesNarrow and Wide Mouth Bottles

• Ultra-pure–the lowest metal ion content of all fluoropolymers
• Unbreakable
• Chemically inert
• Non-stick, easy to clean
• Use for storage in pharmaceutical and semiconductor processing (intermediate stages)

These unbreakable PFA bottles can be used for storage of virtually all corrosive chemicals, including hydrofluoric, nitric, and perchloric acids. PFA bottles are chemically inert, heat resistant with a non-stick, easy-to-clean surface and are ideal for environmental...

Chemware® PFA Petri DishesChemware® PFA Petri Dishes

• Inert surface
• Non-stick
• Non-protein binding
• Transparent
• Uniform flat bottom

The non-stick, chemically inert surface of Chemware® PFA petri dishes is non-contaminating and ideal for high-purity biological applications that range in temperature from -370°F (-200°C) to 500°F (260°C). Each petri dish is shallow, cylindrical and translucent with a flat bottom that allows for easy observation and uniform specimen growth. Ideal for cell culture or drying applications....

Chemware® PFA CarboysChemware® PFA Carboys

• Chemically inert and ultra-pure; meets USP Class VI criteria
• Lowest metal ion content of all fluoropolymers
• Ideal for storage during intermediate phases of pharmaceutical and semiconductor processing

Leak-proof, unbreakable PFA carboys are used for storage of any corrosive chemicals, including hydrochloric, nitric and perchloric acids. They are also ideal for storage of HPLC mobile phase. PFA carboys reduce the risk associated with broken glass and solvent spills. They have...

Chemware® PFA JarsChemware® PFA Jars

• Chemically resistant
• Ultra-pure
• Heat resistant and usable to cryogenic temperatures
• Secondary inner seal design for safety and integrity
• Ideal for storing digestion samples

Chemware® PFA jars store solutions, paste and bulk materials with no concern about leaching, corrosion, contamination or evaporation. They are resistant to corrosive liquids, acids, solvents, sensitive reagents, and staining solutions. PFA jars feature a large mouth for easy access and non-stick...

PFA Trays and Sterilization TraysPFA Trays and Sterilization Trays

• Chemical resistant
• Excellent for corrosive and solvent baths
• Low–and high–temperature resistant

This chemically resistant Chemware® PFA Tray with cover is compatible with temperatures between -370°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C). The size is ideal for staining standard microscope slides or as a holding container when working with corrosive or solvent baths. Cover prevents evaporation of liquid contents.

Chemware® PTFE CordChemware® PTFE Cord

• Corrosion resistant
• Chemically inert
• Easy to tie

Chemically inert, this cord resists adhesion of practically material. This item can be used to secure the edges of the Chemware® PTFE laboratory matting to create a dipping basket for corrosive baths. The cord acts as a "thread." Sew the edges together and leave the top open for adding parts to be etched or plated.

Zitex® FiltersZitex® Filters

• Temperature resistant

Sieves and DippersSieves and Dippers

• Non-contaminating and resistant to most chemicals
• Ideal for coarse sorting or draining of aggressive media
• Handle hooks over edge of vessel for draining

Resistant to most chemicals, Chemware® sieves are ideal for ultra-pure applications. The low surface energy of PFA facilitates quick drainage and clean up. Two mesh sizes are available–0.5mm and 1.0mm. Use with containers that have openings of 80mm or greater and a capacity ranging from 300mL to 1000mL.

Bytac® Bench ProtectorsBytac® Bench Protectors

• Inert to most chemicals
• Non-stick and easy to clean
• Easily cut and mounted
• Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
• Use to resurface bench tops and line fume hoods

Bytac® is a laminate consisting of FEP film that is bonded to a support backing of either vinyl or aluminum. The backing is coated with a pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive. Bytac® adheres to most surfaces and conforms to minor irregularities.

Bytac® provides an easy and economical way to protect...

Chemware® PTFE Coated SpatulasChemware® PTFE Coated Spatulas

• Extra heavy-duty PTFE coatings
• Resistant to low and high temperatures
• Use for handling chemically active materials

These spatulas are designed for use in the most severe laboratory conditions. They are made of nickel-plated stainless steel and fluoropolymer coating. The coating eliminates surface buildup or loss of valuable sample due to sticking. Will not scratch or damage delicate surfaces. Choose from Hayman Style, Double Flat End Style, Double ended Lab Spoon Style and...

Stirrers and Stirring RodsStirrers and Stirring Rods

• Highly inert PTFE coating
• Non-stick, easy to clean
• Low and high temperature resistant

These stirrers are ideal for scraping precipitates and residues. Chisel tip on one end and diagonal cut on other end permits applications in confined vessels. Chemically inert PTFE offers resistance to adhesion of any material. Unbreakable and heat resistant to 550°F (288°C), they will not crack or break under severe conditions, such as thermal and mechanical shock, and will not scratch ...

Chemware® PFA Test TubesChemware® PFA Test Tubes

• Made from fluoropolymer PFA resin
• Low metal ion content
• Inert
These unbreakable test tubes are excellent for trace metal analysis. They are inert, non-contaminating, and transparent for easy viewing of contents. They withstand temperature extremes. Can be sterilized repeatedly. Available with and without caps in sizes ranging from 5mL to 60mL.

Chemware® PTFE Watch GlassesChemware® PTFE Watch Glasses

• Inert–chemically resistant
• Smooth and unbreakable
• Use as beaker covers

The Chemware® PFTE ultra-shallow, concave watch glass is ideal for holding, weighing, crystallizing, evaporating and drying small samples of liquids, powders and solids. It can also be used as a convex cover for beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks to limit airborne contaminants, while still allowing gas exchange. All sizes are molded to the same contour for easy stacking. Shatter-proof PTFE material is chemical...

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