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Cap and Vial Assemblies for Chromatography
Saint-Gobain high-quality cap and vial assemblies for chromatography are compatible for use in the most popular GC and HPLC autosamplers. Each assembly is designed to keep samples pure and contaminant free for accurate sampling.

Liners are made from silicone or butyl rubber to create an effective seal, and are faced with a chemical resistant, ultra-pure barrier of PTFE. Silicone/PTFE liners provide high purity and chemical resistance as well as excellent resealing properties. These liners are recommended for repeat punctures, and are ideal for HPLC and GC applications. Butyl rubber/PTFE liners are recommended for GC applications and routine analysis. They are chemically inert before puncture, but are not recommended for multiple injections.

Each liner features a thin .040” profile, produces minimal extractables and minimizes coring. Additionally, the low durometer material promotes easy needle insertion and increased accuracy. Each liner is manufactured to the strictest tolerances for a consistent fit into the caps. Liners are available in either solid (to prevent evaporation) or pre-slit styles (to reduce vacuum effect, facilitate piercing and produce less coring).

Glass vials are made from 33-Expansion Coefficient clear borosilicate glass from Germany for exceptional resistance to chemical and temperature variations. Our 2mL 12 x 32mm standard mouth vials have a useable volume of 1.5mL and are available in 8/425 and 9/425 screw-thread style for polypropylene caps or 11mm crimp style for aluminum crimp caps.

  • Assemblies Provide Accuracy, Convenience and Value
    • Contain vial, cap and liner sets* for a consistent, perfect fit every time
    • Keep samples pure and contaminant free
    • Available in multiple cap and closure options to ensure compatibility with sample and application
  • Quality Manufacturing to Makes a Difference in Sample Quality
    • Our manufacturing expertise with silicone, fluoropolymers, rubber and laminates enables the production of the highest quality specialty closure products
    • Our closures are made from ultra-pure and chemically resistant materials to reduce sample loss, eliminate coring and provide maximum protection to samples
    • Our low-extractable liners yield more accurate results; low durometer material allows easy needle insertion to increase accuracy
    • Unlike our competitors, we are the producer of PTFE film and oversee the quality and characteristics of each liner
    • Saint-Gobain is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified manufacturer

  • Each Case Contains: 10 packs of 100 Vials for a total of 1,000 vials - plus caps and liners
  • Liner Diameter: .325" - .329" for 8mm caps; .355" - .359" for 9mm caps; .444" for 11mm caps
  • Liner: available as slit or solid liners for 8mm and 9mm caps; 11mm caps have solid liners
  • Liner Material: white silicone liner faced with PTFE in a choice of colors (White, Blue, Red or Yellow); also available in red butyl rubber faced with red PTFE
  • Liner Thickness: .040"
  • Open-top Screw Caps: available in 8/425 Polypropylene and 9/425 polypropylene in a choice of colors (Black, Dark Blue, Red, Clear or Yellow)
  • Open-Top Crimp Caps: 11mm available in aluminum
  • Vials: 2.0mL (1.5 mL total capacity) 12x33mm standard-mouth in 33 Expansion Coefficient clear borosilicate glass

*Minimum purchase requirements apply; bulk purchase options available.

Also Available: 51-Expansion Chromatography Assemblies

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