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High-quality, chemical-resistant Labpure® laminates are used in a variety of demanding applications including sample vials for chemical analysis such as gas and liquid chromatography, pharmaceutical and consumer packaging, containers for high-purity chemicals and sample retention for sample monitoring and EPA analysis. Our laminates are produced in an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 certified facility, and can be manufactured as a tape, liner or in a lined cap. We oversee the quality of every laminate we produce to ensure that it meets strict performance standards. In-house R&D and tooling capabilities are also available to provide solutions to the most demanding size and application needs. 
  • Available tape widths: 1/4" - 12" compatible with automated cap lining equipment
  • Available liner sizes: .250" - 3.5" or customized to match your needs
  • Minimum order quantities of all laminate products apply
Available laminates:
PT100 — (PTFE / F217) 
  • For use in low to moderate temperature environments
  • Chemically inert; ideal for strong acids, solvents and diagnostic reagents
  • Enables tight seal to prevent evaporation
Labpure® PT100 2-layer laminate features a PTFE face for use with harsh chemicals with a polyethylene foam backing that provides a tight, compressed seal. This laminate is ideal for use as a cap liner where high purity or resistance to corrosion is a factor, and where temperature requirements are low to moderate. Liner is ideal for use with strong acids, solvents and diagnostic reagents.
PT300 — (PTFE / Zitex)
  • For use in low temperature environments
  • Porous hydrophobic barrier prevents buildup of gasses and pressure
  • PTFE facing is chemically inert
Labpure® PT300 2-layer perforated laminate combines the unique venting properties of Zitex®, a porous form of PTFE, with a resilient polyethylene foam backing. This liner provides a breathable hydrophobic barrier that prevents gas and pressure buildup. Liner is ideal for use with products that require vented packaging, including industrial bleach.
PT500 — (PTFE / Styrene Butyl) 
  • For use in elevated temperatures
  • Can be repeatedly autoclaved
  • Chemically inert; ideal for strong acids, solvents and diagnostic reagents
Labpure® PT500 2-layer laminate combines the chemical compatibility of PTFE with the resiliency and compressibility of pharmaceutical-grade rubber. This material provides a relatively hard seal and withstands high heat. Can be autoclaved repeatedly.
See the Closure Configuration Station to contact us with requests for customization.

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