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Image for Zitex® Filters
Zitex® Filters
  • Temperature resistant
  • Compatible with virtually all solutions
  • Non-clogging

Zitex® membranes act as "depth filters" with high retention efficiency and non-clogging characteristics. They are used for filtration of corrosive and other aggressive chemicals or gases up to 400ºF (204ºC).

Unlike cellulose filter paper, the PTFE interstices are bonded together resulting in a stabilized pore configuration. This unique combination of depth filter and screen characteristics creates a highly effective filter media. Zitex® membranes have a better controlled pore size distribution than other high temperature, chemically resistant membranes with similar pore size ratings. Zitex® filters are strong enough to be self supporting and may be used without any additional backing material, which could compromise results.

The non-stick nature of Zitex® allows easy removal of the filter cake. Zitex® can be sterilized with steam or bactericidal solutions. It is suitable for chromatography solvent filtration and degassing. Zitex® membranes are inherently hydrophobic, which makes them ideal as venting devices. However, aqueous solutions can be filtered by using pressures exceeding the membrane’s water initiation pressure, or with the aid of wetting agents, such as methanol or ethanol. Disks are interleaved with separators for cleanliness and ease of handling. Sheets and rolls are available by special order.

Catalog No.Size (mm)
(packed 10 per box)
D106916820Extra Fine
D106917447Extra Fine
D106918690Extra Fine

*Fine and extra fine grades may shrink at temperatures above 150ºF (66ºC).

Description Extra FineFine
Grade G110G108
Functional Pore Size Range*microns1 – 33 – 5
Thicknessmil8 – 126 – 10
mm0.20 – 0.300.15 – 0.25
Flow Rate (water)   
  gal/min/sq ft @ 13.5 ftpsi20 – 30*30 – 50*
  ml/min/sq cm @ 70 cmHg80 – 120*120 – 200*
Initiation Pressure (water)*lb/sq in5.5 – 6.53.5 – 4.5
kg/sq cm0.37 – 0.430.23 – 0.30
Ethanol Bubble Pointlb/sq in1.0 – 1.40.8 – 1.2
atm0.068 – 0.1000.054 – 0.081
Average Breaking Strength*lb/in width12.09.6
Average Pore Volume*%4045

*Indicates representative physical property data, but not specification limits.

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