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Image for Norwell® Universal Drum and Tank Samplers
Norwell® Universal Drum and Tank Samplers
Norwell® Universal Samplers including Norwell® Mucksuckers, Pinpointers and Dipsticks allow safe, accurate sample collection from 55-gallon drums, truck and rail tank cars, large tanks, process vessels and bodies of water to support sampling applications within laboratory, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, food and beverage, semiconductor and power generation industries.

Engineered to last, Norwell® samplers are designed to handle liquids from very low levels of viscosity to thick sludge with high solids content. All sampling tubes are translucent to permit visual inspection of contents and are virtually corrosion-free and unbreakable – making them ideal for the most rigorous field applications. PTFE fluoropolymer and polypropylene samplers are chemically inert for broad chemical resistance. Polypropylene samplers are cost effective, while PTFE samplers are plasticizer- and filler-free to promote unbiased sampling.

  • Retrieve substances of low to high viscosity
  • Translucent for visual inspection
  • Chemically inert and non-contaminating for safe, accurate sampling

Piston-style extractor provides high-suction syringe action for liquid sampling. Norwell® Mucksuckers feature a push/seal bottom that closes the sampling tube with a quick push against a solid surface and a wide-mouth coring bottom that easily screws onto the end of the sampling tube for drawing up sludge-like substances.

Norwell® Dipsticks are outstanding tools for sampling free-flowing liquids in almost any application. Features an easy-to-operate push/seal bottom to close the tube once the sample is collected and a safety pouring top to safely empty contents. Available in PTFE or polypropylene.

Accurate and easy to operate, Norwell® Pinpointers feature a valve assembly for precision extraction of liquids and sludge.

  • Cleaning Brush and Brush-Handle Extension — The Norwell® Tube Cleaning Brush provides an easy way to clean all sampling tubes. It features a nylon brush head that threads onto a 2' rod handle Additional 2' handle extensions can be added as needed.The basic brush is 4' 6" in total length.
  • Extension Coupling — The Norwell® Extension Coupling is threaded to allow connection of a 40" to a 7' tube or two 7' tubes.
    WARNING: When sampling hazardous or unknown substances, never connect two or more 7' tubes as the weight of the contents may be too heavy to permit safe handing.
  • 300 mL Universal sample Tube Assembly Extension — This PTFE tube is ideal for sampling virtually all substances. Special round threads are designed for easy cleaning. Includes a PTFE indicator ring for easy marking of fluid levels, as well as immiscible layers within drums and tanks.
  • Viton® "O" Ring — Viton® fluoroelastomer is highly resistant to solvents and petroleum products. O-Ring creates a tight, leak-proof seal within the sampler.

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