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Containers Overview
Saint-Gobain chemical-resistant containers for fluid transfer, storage and general laboratory use.

Bio-Simplex™ CarboysBio-Simplex™ Carboys

Saint-Gobain Bio-Simplex™ Carboys provide a space-saving, ergonomic, versatile alternative to traditional round carboys. All carboys are manufactured from durable USP Class VI, FDA-grade, BPA-free material and are compatible with a broad spectrum of chemicals. Carboys are available in polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and co-polyester (PETG) formulations in 2.5L, 5L, 10L, 20L and 40L sizes. Well suited for use within any scientific or industrial research laboratory, including...

EZ Top® Container Closure Assemblies for Bio-Simplex™ CarboysEZ Top® Container Closure Assemblies for Bio-Simplex™ Carboys

EZ Top® Container Closure Assemblies create efficient aseptic liquid transfer systems for laboratories when combined with EZ Top® Caps and containers. Designed for single-use laboratory applications, these economical systems eliminate potential cross-contamination from repeated use, as well as costs associated with cleaning, validation and assembly. Non-corrosive and impact resistant, they make effective replacements for stainless steel closures. Each Assembly includes tubing, a standard...

Bio-Simplex™ Carboy AccessoriesBio-Simplex™ Carboy Accessories

EZ Top® Caps feature a leak-proof platinum-cured silicone gasket and large, easy-to-operate finger and hand grips. Made from fully autoclavable polypropylene, caps are offered in 83mm size to fit 2.5L, 5L and 10L Bio-Simplex™ Carboys, and a 120mm wide mouth size to fit 20L and 40L Bio-Simplex™ Carboys. Traditional Closed Top Caps are molded from a single piece of polypropylene, while two-piece Open Top Caps are designed for use with interchangeable Quick-Connect Inserts for EZ Top®...

Quick-Connect Inserts for EZ-Top® CapsQuick-Connect Inserts for EZ-Top® Caps

Quick-Connect Inserts for EZ Top® Caps easily adapt Bio-Simplex™ Carboys and Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles to specific laboratory application needs and make liquid transfer clean, fast and safe. Available in a two-port configuration, removable Quick-Connect hose barb adapters come in 1/4" (6.4mm) and 3/8" (9.5mm) sizes, and molded-in Quick-Connect hose barb adapters come in 1/4" (6.4mm) and 1/2" (12.7mm) sizes. Molded adapters feature a vented cap; removable adapters are interchangeable.

Chemware® PFA CarboysChemware® PFA Carboys

• Chemically inert and ultra-pure; meets USP Class VI criteria
• Lowest metal ion content of all fluoropolymers
• Ideal for storage during intermediate phases of pharmaceutical and semiconductor processing

Leak-proof, unbreakable PFA carboys are used for storage of any corrosive chemicals, including hydrochloric, nitric and perchloric acids. They are also ideal for storage of HPLC mobile phase. PFA carboys reduce the risk associated with broken glass and solvent spills. They have...

Chemware® PFA Graduated Wide Mouth Wash BottlesChemware® PFA Graduated Wide Mouth Wash Bottles

• Wide-mouth for easy filling
• Chemically inert and leak-proof
• Flexible nozzle with 360° swivel; small orifice allows accurate content dispensing
• Transparent and break resistant
• Molded-in graduation marks

These wash bottles feature a wide-mouth opening for convenience in filling and pouring of all types of liquids. Non-stick and easy to clean, fluoropolymer construction provides superior flex life and mechanical strength. As PFA contains the lowest concentration of...

Chemware® PFA JarsChemware® PFA Jars

• Chemically resistant
• Ultra-pure
• Heat resistant and usable to cryogenic temperatures
• Secondary inner seal design for safety and integrity
• Ideal for storing digestion samples

Chemware® PFA jars store solutions, paste and bulk materials with no concern about leaching, corrosion, contamination or evaporation. They are resistant to corrosive liquids, acids, solvents, sensitive reagents, and staining solutions. PFA jars feature a large mouth for easy access and non-stick...

Chemware® PFA Graduated Erlenmeyer FlasksChemware® PFA Graduated Erlenmeyer Flasks

• Chemically inert for ultra-pure applications
• Graduated
• Transparent for easy viewing
• Non-stick PFA surface–easy to clean
• Can be used in a microwave

Chemware® PFA graduated Erlenmeyer flasks are chemically inert for ultra-pure applications. The neck of each flask is slightly rounded for pouring and can be plugged with a stopper. The conical shape and neck design allow contents to be mixed or stirred with reduced risk of splashing. The narrow neck also helps limit...

Chemware® PFA Test TubesChemware® PFA Test Tubes

• Made from fluoropolymer PFA resin
• Low metal ion content
• Inert
These unbreakable test tubes are excellent for trace metal analysis. They are inert, non-contaminating, and transparent for easy viewing of contents. They withstand temperature extremes. Can be sterilized repeatedly. Available with and without caps in sizes ranging from 5mL to 60mL.

Chemware® PFA VialsChemware® PFA Vials

• Chemically resistant
• Extra sturdy construction for long life
• Includes polyethylene tray, 10 vials and 10 septa

Chemware® PFA vials can be used with aggressive chemicals such as acids, bases, stains, chlorinated solvents and reagents. Each vial has a screw cap with a 1/4" (6.35mm) opening. Each set includes 10 PFA vials, a PE tray and 10 PFA/silicone laminated septa to produce a tight seal. The absence of active sites on the chemically inert surface reduces the likelihood...

Heavy Duty Vacuum BottlesHeavy Duty Vacuum Bottles

• Ideal for storage of biologicals and applications involving cell culture, degasification and vacuum aspiration of liquid waste
• Available in three formulations: PP, HDPE and PETG
• Large, embossed graduations are easy to read; certified to ±5% accuracy
• Highly durable and chemical resistant
• Thick walls hold full vacuum for 24 hours (PETG holds half vacuum)
• Wide mouth 2L PETG bottles and all 4L bottles are compatible with EZ Top® and Quick-Connect

Saint-Gobain Laboratory Media BottlesSaint-Gobain Laboratory Media Bottles

• Ergonomic bottle shape and cap for secure grip and excellent stability
• Glass-like clarity with high visibility molded graduations
• Withstands 13 psi vacuum
• Manufactured with USP Class VI materials in Class 100,000 clean room
• ISO 13485 compliance

Saint-Gobain disposable laboratory bottles are ideal for handling and storage of solutions such as serum and buffers, inorganic chemicals, tissue culture and media. Each bottle features glass-like clarity, a stability-enhancing...

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