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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics – Laboratory Division
When High Purity is Critical
Who We Are —
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Laboratory Division brings ultra-pure plastic and silicone supplies to laboratories engaged in biopharma, pharmaceutical, cell culture, environmental and industrial research processes. Our products support productivity in a laboratory setting by providing flexibility and functionality. Whether an application requires temperature sensitivity, corrosion and/or chemical resistance, leak-proof operation or ultra-purity, our laboratory products are engineered to the strictest standards to ensure they perform consistently, reliably and flawlessly.

What We Do —
  • Manufacture high-performance, high-quality fluoropolymer products for use in ultra-pure and critical laboratory applications
  • Manufacture a broad range of flexible tubing products, each engineered for consistent performance — including multiple formulations of Tygon® tubing and autoanalysis tubing
  • Manufacture a variety of specialty closures — including stoppers, liners and seals–engineered from PTFE, silicone, rubber and other specialty materials formulated for the specific needs of laboratory environments
  • Supply storage and container solutions for cell culture equipped with proprietary closure and fluid-transfer components
  • Engineer products to tight specifications for problem-free operation
  • Provide custom product development and engineering to support the most challenging customer requirements
  • Support proprietary brands such as Bio-Simplex™, Bytac®, C-Flex®, Chemware®, LabPure®, Norwell®, PharmaFluor®, PharMed® BPT, Sani-Tech®, Tygon®, Versilic® and Zitex® — each representing a longstanding tradition of product excellence
  • Ensure product integrity through quality certifications of our manufacturing facilities
  • Strive for sustainability, quality and satisfaction in every aspect of our business

Our Mission —
To be an innovative market leader in the development and manufacture of products and technologies that support life science research and development. We strive to make a difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of laboratory processes, and make products that protect the accuracy, purity and repeatability of outcomes. We will provide outstanding customer service, actively engage in product development and innovation to meet ever-changing market needs, treat customers and suppliers as partners, and continually look to improve all aspects of what we do.
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